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Certified/Teaching Vacancies  Click Here for Teacher Salary Schedule

For other certified teaching or special positions vacancies, click the link on the left for " Employment Opportunities".

1st Grade Teacher
Rosenwald Elementary/Middle
Early Childhood Licensure required
6th Grade Science Teacher
Darlington Middle  Elementary or Middle Level Licensure required
Middle Level Math/7th Grade Teacher
Spaulding Middle

Middle Level Math Licensure required

Middle Level Science/8th Grade Teacher
Darlington Middle

Middle Level Science Licensure required

SpEd EMD S/C Teacher
Hartsville Middle

SpEd EMD, Generic, Mental,  Multicategorical, or Severe Disabilities Licensure required 
SpEd Speech Language Therapist Darlington Middle
SpEd Speech Language Therapist Licensure required

All teachers must meet the certification/licensure requirements and Highly Qualified standards for South Carolina.  For more information, contact South Carolina Department of Education.

To Apply: For Darlington County School District employees:  Complete the DCSD Transfer Request Form.
For certified applicants outside of DCSD employees: Complete the on-line application which is available at The SC Teacher Application System
and submit transcripts.

Stated on the Cerra.org website:

"Important note: On Saturday, September 21st, 2013, CERRA modified the Online Application to allow applicants to upload documents to their application. These documents include transcripts (required), letters of eligibility (for PACE, CATE, etc. candidates), and athletic resumes (if a teacher applicant wishes to be considered for a coaching assignment). No other documents should be uploaded. CERRA no longer accepts e-mails or hard copies of these documents."

Please contact us to process your application and express your interest in the vacancies.
DCSD Human Resources
120 E. Smith Avenue
Darlington, SC 29532
(843) 398-2301