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In the Darlington County School District, we believe in challenging our students and pushing their boundaries through classroom and life experiences, rigorous standards, and innovative teaching. The DCSD is a countywide district serving more than 10,400 students in 23 schools. All schools and the district are fully accredited on the state and national level by the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools/AdvancED and the S.C. Department of Education. Our District provides challenging educational experiences for all children. In addition to regular classes, DCSD offers elementary and middle school magnet programs in the arts, sciences, mathematics AND technology. Three high schools offer academic magnet programs, including an International Baccalaureate School, an early college degree program, and a top-ranked STEM school. For students who struggle academically, our district offers interventionists and computer- assisted learning. Darlington County School District is committed to providing a technology-rich education by providing a fully connected educational environment. By 2017,  we expect to have a digital device in every student’s hands. Our robotics programs enhance STEM offerings at every level while providing students with new ways to explore science, math, technology and engineering. Our district also offers computer-based programs to evaluate and differentiate instruction, online coursework, and/or online credit-recovery tools for our students.

In the Darlington County School District, we strive to build a world- class school district by focusing on every child, every day.


Latest News

Drake Adams
Darlington High’s Adams signs with Coker College baseball
William “Drake” Adams, a senior for the Darlington High School Falcons, signed a letter of intent Friday afternoon to play baseball for Coker College.
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Steen and Norwood
Hartsville High’s Steen, Norwood sign athletic letters of intent
Zeke Steen will head to Francis Marion University, while Haydon Norwood will attend Presbyterian College.
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STAND Awards
DCSD honors students with outstanding character through STAND Awards
Students from across the Darlington County School District earned recognition April 7 during the 2017 STAND Awards ceremony at Hartsville Middle School.
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Brockington Elementary Magnet for Science & Technology
Principal Mrs. Stephanie Bridges
413 Brockington Road
Darlington, SC 29532
Ph: (843) 398-5095
Fax: (843) 398-2495
Brunson-Dargan Elementary
Principal Ms. Ada Sindab
400 Wells Street
Darlington, SC 29532
Ph: (843) 398-5080
Fax: (843) 398-2534
Cain Elementary
Principal Ms. Carla Watford
607 First Street
Darlington, SC 29532
Ph: (843) 398-5020
Fax: (843) 398-2452
Carolina Elementary
Principal Ms. Donna Barrett
719 West Carolina Avenue
Hartsville, SC 29550
Ph: (843) 383-3112
Fax: (843) 857-3232
Darlington County Institute of Technology
Director Mr. Robbie Smith
160 Pinedale Drive
Darlington, SC 29532
Ph: (843) 398-4796
Fax: (843) 395-1044
Darlington County Intervention School
Director Dr. Zenobia Edwards
100 Magnolia Street
Darlington, SC 29532
Ph: (843) 393-5617
Fax: (843) 398-5056
Darlington High
Principal Dr. Gregory Harrison
525 Spring Street
Darlington, SC 29532
Ph: (843) 398-5140
Fax: (843) 398-2739
Darlington Middle
Principal Mr. Eddie Shuler
150 Pinedale Drive
Darlington, SC 29532
Ph: (843) 398-5088
Fax: (843) 398-3390
Hartsville High
Principal Dr. Charlie Burry
701 Lewellyn Avenue
Hartsville, SC 29550
Ph: (843) 383-3130
Fax: (843) 857-3715
Hartsville Middle
Principal Mr. Brian Hickman
1427 Fourteenth Street
Hartsville, SC 29550
Ph: (843) 383-3121
Fax: (843) 857-4510
Lamar Elementary
Principal Mr. Garry Flowers
214 North Darlington Avenue
Lamar, SC 29069
Ph: (843) 326-7575
Fax: (843) 326-7050
Lamar High
Principal Ms. Kathy Gainey
216 North Darlington Avenue
Lamar, SC 29069
Ph: (843) 326-5543
Fax: (843) 326-7507
Mayo High for Math, Science, and Technology
Principal Ms. Arlene Wallace
405 Chestnut Street
Darlington, SC 29532
Ph: (843) 398-5050
Fax: (843) 398-2647
North Hartsville Elementary
Principal Ms. Kristi Austin
110 School Drive
Hartsville, SC 29550
Ph: (843) 383-3115
Fax: (843) 857-3190
Pate Elementary
Principal Ms. Emily Lunn
1010 Indian Branch Road
Darlington, SC 29532
Ph: (843) 398-5070
Fax: (843) 398-2397
Rosenwald Elementary/Middle
Principal Ms. Kimberly Mason
508 Church Street
Society Hill, SC 29593
Ph: (843) 378-4011
Fax: (843) 398-2694
Southside Early Childhood Center
Principal Ms. Patricia Toney
1615 Blanding Drive
Hartsville, SC 29550
Ph: (843) 383-3105
Fax: (843) 857-3315
Spaulding Elementary
Principal Ms. Jackee Lynn
204 East Pearl Street
Lamar, SC 29069
Ph: (843) 326-5347
Fax: (843) 326-1086
Spaulding Middle
Principal Ms. Nicole Jones
400 E. Caterville Hwy.
Lamar, SC 29069
Ph: (843) 326-5335
Fax: (843) 326-7656
St. John's Elementary
Interim Principal Dr. Karen Kinloch
140 Park Street
Darlington, SC 29532
Ph: (843) 398-5130
Fax: (843) 398-5164
Thornwell School for the Arts
Principal Dr. Lilkenya Jenkins
437 W. Carolina Ave.
Hartsville, SC 29550
Ph: (843) 383-3127
Fax: (843) 383-6043
Washington Street Elementary
Principal Ms. Valerie Sawyer
325 Washington Street
Hartsville, SC 29550
Ph: (843) 383-3141
Fax: (843) 857-3351
West Hartsville Elementary
Principal Ms. Tara King
214 Clyde Road
Hartsville, SC 29550
Ph: (843) 383-3144
Fax: (843) 857-3272