2016-17 District Teacher of the Year Application

2016-17 District Teacher of the Year Application

Deadline to Submit Applications: July 20, 2016


• June 30, 2016 - District-level Teacher of the Year applications mailed.
• July 20, 2016- Deadline to submit the District Application electronically
• July 25, 2016 - Judging applications delivered to the judges.
• August 8, 2016 - Scores due to the District Teacher of the Year Coordinator by noon.
• Week of August 8 - Finalists for District Teacher of the Year named

Applications will be submitted electronically this year through an online form. Formatting instructions are on each form and listed below. Once you start the form, you will need to work through the entire thing. There is no way to save the form as you go. Therefore, please have all your answers ready to upload as a PDF or DOC.
• Follow directions.  Pay attention to instructions on format. 
• Remember to double-space your application. 
• Watch for the page limits on each question. Page length: Max two (2) double spaced pages
• Font: Arial or Times New Roman, 10 or 12 point
• Margins: Cannot be less than one inch
• File Type: PDF or DOC

Late submissions will be disqualified. The 2016-17 District TOTY application – including the information sheet, all nominee questions, and letters of reference - must be submitted electronically no later than July 20, 2016.

Remember to keep a copy of your application. All applications submitted will become property of the Darlington County School District.


The following items will make up your application packet. All but two questions are the same questions used in the school application. If you wish, you may use the same answers you used for the school application on the district application. Missing sections will result in a deduction of the full points for that section.

1) BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Name, address, cell phone number, grade level teaching, subject, years of teaching experience, years in current position, etc.

2) EDUCATIONAL HISTORY AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES – This should be in list or resume form, NOT paragraph or narrative form. (limit: 2 double-spaced pages). 
A. Beginning with most recent, list colleges/universities attended including post-graduate studies. Indicate degrees earned/dates of attendance.
B. Beginning with most recent, list teaching employment history indicating time period, grade level and subject area. PLEASE NOTE: We will white out the names of your schools for the judges but the information will be used later for the press release and bios. 
C. Beginning with most recent, list professional association memberships including information regarding offices held and other relevant activities.
D. Beginning with most recent, list staff development leadership activity and leadership in the training for future teachers.
E. Beginning with the most recent, list awards and other recognition of your teaching.

3) PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY (limit: 2 double-spaced pages) 
What factors influenced you to become a teacher? Describe your greatest contributions and accomplishments in education.

4) PROFILE OF THE SC GRADUATE (limit: 1 double-spaced page).
The profile of the South Carolina graduate includes three main components: world-class knowledge, world-class skills, and life and career characteristics. Please describe how you address these areas in your classroom and the related student outcomes.

5) PHILOSOPHY OF TEACHING (limit: 2 double-spaced pages). 
Describe your beliefs about teaching, include your ideas of what makes you an outstanding teacher. What rewards do you find in teaching? How are your beliefs about teaching demonstrated in your personal teaching style?

 6) (NEW!) EDUCATION ISSUES AND TRENDS (limit: 2 double-spaced pages)
What do you consider to be the major public education issues today? Address one in depth, outlining possible causes, effects and resolutions.

7)  (NEW!) THE TEACHING PROFESSION (limit: 2 double-spaced pages). 
What do you do to strengthen and improve the teaching profession? What is and/or what should be the basis for accountability in the teaching profession?

8)   (NEW!) LETTERS OF SUPPORT (Limit each letter to ONE page). The letters are not scored but are used to give the judges a more rounded picture of you. Include three letters of support from any of the following: superintendent, principal, administrator, colleague, student/former student, parent, or civic leader. Please have the letter writers send the letters to you. Submit the letters with your application.

Call or e-mail Audrey Childers, DCSD Teacher Forum Liaison, with questions or problems:

843/398-2283 or 843/861-0610, audrey.childers@darlington.k12.sc.us.

Deadline to Submit Applications: July 20, 2016