Curriculum & Instruction Staff Members


Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Carlita Davis,  Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Teresa Timmons, Administrative Assistant for Curriculum and Instr

Allison Baker, EIA/Federal Programs Director

Esperita Taylor, Administrative Assistant Exceptional Education

Patricia Bowman, WIA Case Manager

Debbie Bedard, Secretary

Kathy Smith, Secretary/Book keeper of Technology 

Rudell Dubose, WIA Coordinator

Christiana Hunter, Secretary

Hattie Ervin, IDEA Specialist

Kacy Keels, Director of Early Childhood 

Cynthia Gaines, WIA Administrative Assistant

Pamela Boswell, IDEA Specialist

Velda Bess,  Administrative Assistant
Angie Holland, Medicaid Specialist
Karen Holt, Administrative Assistant Computer Services

Anita Jeffery, Administrative Assistant Title I

Marisa Johnson, Arts & Innovative Programs Coordinator

Lynette Jordan, Director of Exceptional Education

Giovanna Kelley, Elementary Coordinator Exceptional Education

Alethia Smith, Administrative Assistant Title 1

 Joshua Bastean, Instructional Tech Coordinator

Carla Jefferson, Instructional Tech Coordinator
Diana Rhoads, Data Network Administrator
Jerry Rivers, K-12 Math & Science Coordinator
Diane Sigmon, Director of Technology

Valerie Smith, ESOL Coordinator

Meredith Taylor, Director of Teacher Quality
Nateisha Taylor, Assessment Coordinator 
Sarah Tew, Secondary Coordinator Exceptional Education
Marcia Rhyne, Administrative Assistant Title 1
Samantha Gainey, Student Data Network Specialist
Hanna Hanlin, Instructor Tech Coordinator