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2017 Insurance Benefits Guide
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The State Health Plan has a new way for primary members to get personalized recommendations to improve their health. This new digital health tool is available by registering on the Rally website (accessible through the BCBS website), then you can download the Rally app to your mobile device or tablet to track your health! More information coming soon!

NO Pay Copay - Use Rally to re-enroll

State Health Plan covered employees and family members may participate in this program and qualify for twelve months of free generic drugs to treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol, congestive heart failure, or diabetes. See flyer here.

IMPORTANT Link Rally and No Pay CoPay enrollment:

Patient-Centered Medical Homes

For State Health Plan members, BCBS of SC offers patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs) at a lower cost. If your or the covered family member receive services from a PCMH, the health plan pays 90% of the cost, and you only pay 10%. For a list of locations and to learn more, go to:, or

Eligible employees  are offered an extensive benefits package available through the state (PEBA) such as health, dental, vision, life, and disability as well as a variety of district offered voluntary programs. To be eligible for insurance benefits, you must be a full-time permanent employee who works at least 30 hours per week, a part-time certified employee, or a non-permanent employee who works an average of 30 hours per week for one full year. Employees working in non-permanent positions are measured as indicated under the rules for the Affordable Care Act and will be notified of eligibility.

New benefits eligible employees will attend a new hire session and have 31 days from the date of employment to complete an enrollment form for coverage. Additions or deletions may also be made when any one of the following situations occur:

1. Marriage or divorce
2. Birth, adoption, or placement of a child into the home
3. Death of a covered dependent
4. Gain or loss of other insurance coverage
****An employee has 31 days to initiate the change with the Benefits office if one of these instances occurs. Exceptions to eligibility for coverage apply to dependents already on coverage through PEBA.

Employees who terminate employment with the district (for reasons other than gross misconduct) or their eligible dependents may buy extended coverage for group health and dental insurance (COBRA). Active employee insurance coverage ends the first day of the month following the last day worked by the employee.

Employees retiring from the school district should contact PEBA Retirement Benefits and PEBA Insurance Benefits to determine a retirement eligibility date and eligibility for retiree insurance coverage. Their number is 1-888-260-9430. The Benefits office may also assist in completing retirement documentation provided to the employee by PEBA once a retirement date has been determined.

Health Insurance
Employees may choose from the following options:
1. State Health Plan Standard Plan
2. State Health Plan Savings Plan
3. TRICARE Supplement (available only to those enrolled in TRICARE through DEERS).

A Notice of Election (NOE) form must be completed to add coverage under any plan.
*Surcharges apply to Health is the employee or dependent uses tobacco products.

This plan allows participating employees to make non-taxable payments for health, dental and a portion of optional life insurance premiums, non-reimbursable medical expenses and dependent day car expenses. Enrolling in pre-tax allows the employee to pay less taxes on each paycheck. All MoneyPlu$ deductions are excluded from Federal, State and Social Security taxes.
Note: Upon enrollment in benefits, all employees are automatically enrolled in the pre-tax insurance premium feature unless the employee refuses enrollment in pre-tax.

Dental Insurance
PEBA provides a dental plan at no cost to all eligible employees. The employee's spouse and eligible dependents may be covered through an employee-paid premium. Employees may elect the coverage upon hire or within 31 days of a special eligibility situation and/or qualified event.

Basic Life Insurance
All active employees enrolled in a Health plan through PEBA (state) are automatically eligible for life insurance coverage of $3,000. This benefit is reduced once the employee reaches 70.

Optional Life Insurance
Benefits eligible employees who meet the eligibility requirement through PEBA are eligible to participate in the Optional Life Insurance plan, paid by the employee. Premiums are based upon the amount of coverage selected and the age of the employee. Please refer to the Insurance Benefits Guide for additional information and premiums.

Dependent Life Insurance
For an additional premium, employees may enroll in dependent life insurance for eligible dependent children or for a spouse, if the spouse is not a state employee. Appropriate documentation for dependents must be provided to the Benefits office.

Long-Term Disability Insurance
PEBA offers basic long-term disability insurance at no cost to active, benefits-eligible employees enrolled in a Health plan through PEBA. Supplemental long-term disability coverage is also available, paid by the employee. Premiums are based on the employee's salary, age, and plan selected.

Vision Care
1. Vision State Discount Program - Some providers throughout the State of South Carolina have agreed to honor the discount program for employees of state agencies/organizations. The participating providers have agreed to charge no more than $60 for a routine, comprehensive eye exam, and provide a 20% discount on most eyecare supplies.
2. State Vision Plan offered through EyeMed - Benefits eligible employees may enroll in Vision coverage through EyeMed. Please refer to the Insurance Benefits Guide for additional information and premiums.

*During October of every year, PEBA allows limited changes to the State Benefits. Dental coverage can only be changed during odd-year Open Enrollments, i.e. 2015, 2017, etc. This can be subject to change based on PEBA's policies. The Insurance Advantage is delivered each September to all Benefits eligible employees providing information regarding changes that may occur during Open Enrollment for the corresponding year.

For additional information on any benefit listed above, employees should either refer to the most current Insurance Benefits Guide or contact the Benefits office at (843) 398-2309 or (843) 398-2308.

Changes for Open Enrollment may be made online or by seeing the Benefits office.
MyBenefits Registration
MyBenefits Online Enrollment

Other offerings to Darlington County School District Benefits-eligible employees (voluntary):
- Short Term Disability (click link)
(Enrollment upon hire or as late entry and subject to medical evidence)

- Trustmark (Critical Illness and Universal Life policies)

- Aflac (Cancer policy)

Offerings to ALL District employees:
- 401K/457 Supplemental Retirement Plans
Click following link for: (401K/457 Enrollment Form)

- 403b Supplemental Retirement Plan (See Initial Notification and Enrollment Guide)

- SPC Credit Union deduction

- SC State Credit Union deduction

Some employees may be eligible for coverage under the Affordable Care Act and obtain health insurance through the Federal Marketplace. The Health Insurance Marketplace Exchange Notice is available under the Benefits Forms for reference.
If you choose to review your options under the marketplace, you may print Part B of this form to assist you in completing your application for health insurance on the marketplace.
For more information about this Federal program, please go to

Christy Sandifer , Benefits Coordinator: 843-398-2308

Vicki Standish, Benefits Administrative Assistant: 843-398-2309

ORP (Optional Retirement Plan) Annual Enrollment Period is January 1 thru March 1 for all members. During this time ORP members may choose to: 


 - Change investment providers vendors

 - Switch to SCRS if member has between one(1) and five (5) years of State ORP service. 


     Contact Information

843-398-2309 or 843-398-2308

PEBA Insurance and PEBA Retirement Benefits
1-888-260-9430 or 803-737-6800

The Darlington County School District recognizes the importance of employee benefits in the lives of the people who work with the District. For this reason, the Darlington County School District has a policy of continuous review of all benefits which means paying constant attention to the improvement of current benefits and the addition of new ones, where possible. The aim of this continuous review is to provide progressive benefits for all district employees. The information contained in this page is designed to outline the fringe benefits for the district employees. Benefits may vary according to the length of the contract year of the employee with the District. Where such variances do occur, every attempt is made to keep the variances fair, consistent, and equitable.


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