Darlington County School District schools are enriched by the time and dedication of volunteers. Parents, grandparents, retirees, military personnel, business professionals, college students and other community members are an integral part of this school district’s success.


Keeping our students, faculty and staff safe is a top priority. To help ensure this safety, background screens for volunteers are a necessity. We have contracted with BIB to conduct high quality background checks on our potential volunteers. The background check screens for felony crimes, sex offender, driving under the influence offenses, drug offenses, domestic abuse, burglary and assault.

1. Click HERE to start your background screening, which is required for all potential volunteers: 

Volunteers are also required to provide emergency contact information. The person(s) you list will only be contacted in the event of a health or safety emergency in which you are personally involved. Your background screening will not be approved for processing until you have completed the emergency contact form.

2. Click HERE to complete the emergency contact form.

Please contact me if you have any questions, need further information, or require assistance.

Vicki Standish
Personnel Specialist
Department of Human Resources
843.398.2303 (Tel)
843.398.5006 (Fax)