Academic Information

The Darlington County Board of Education has authorized two forms of instruction for the 2020-2021 school year: In-person instruction with enhanced eLearning and Virtual instruction. Parents will need to enroll in one of the two options before July 29, 2020.

modes of instruction

In grades 5K-12, parents may choose to move their child/student between traditional and virtual learning models before July 29 OR at the end of the semester, if space is available. The DCSD does not offer a virtual option for 4k.

In-Person Instruction with Enhanced eLearning

The DCSD will open schools as traditionally as possible while also adhering to recommended health and safety guidelines put forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the SC Department of Health and Environmental Controls (SCDHEC), and the SC Department of Education. Class changes will be minimized. Students will have recess, PE, and art classes, within the appropriate social distancing guidelines. All DCSD students receive free breakfast and lunches. Students will enjoy healthy meals in a safe environment.

It is the goal to open and operate five days a week in person beginning Sept. 8; however, if the situation requires it, the students may be required to attend in-person two or three days a week and utilize eLearning for the other days. 

Darlington County Virtual Academy

Darlington County Virtual Academy (DCVA) will be available to accommodate students who may not be ready to return to face-to-face instruction due to Coronavirus concerns and to continue to serve students of all ages who have found online learning to be a good fit during the pandemic.  Darlington County Virtual Academy (DCVA) offers a virtual school program that utilizes the very best online AND offline resources from top educational publishers and curriculum specialists to deliver a high-quality 5K–12 comprehensive online education aligned with South Carolina College & Career Ready Standards.  

Unlike other online educational options, the Darlington County Virtual Academy will provide students a district-issued device, instructional materials and software.  In addition, students will be taught by a certified Darlington County School District teacher, and instruction will match DCSD instructional expectations and standards for learning.  Students who choose the Darlington County Virtual Academy will still be allowed to participate in athletics and extracurricular activities.


DCSD will offer in-person instruction for our 4-year-old kindergarten (4K) programs. DCSD 5-year-old kindergarten (5K) programs are available in-person or virtually. Both programs are full-day program. All possible safety measures will be taken for in-person kindergarten, including frequent disinfecting of furniture and tools, social distancing, and masks whenever possible.

Some parents registered for 5-year-old kindergarten in May during the district's Early Bird Registration. At that time, the Darlington County Virtual Academy was not an option for 5k. Parents who have already registered for in-person 5K but would like to switch to the virtual 5K program should call 843-398-2236 to make the switch. 

Darlington County Institute of Technology

The Darlington County Institute of Technology will continue to offer a wide array of technology and career classes for high school students. Classes will be held in-person with all appropriate safety measures, including social distancing and use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Students who are enrolled in the Darlington County Virtual Academy may take in-person classes at DCIT.

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