Health & Safety Information

Students and staff should stay home from school if they have:

Any one (1) of the following
• Fever – or
• Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing -or - 
• Loss of taste or smell -or – 
• New or worsening cough 

Any two (2) of the following: 
• Sore throat
• Muscle or body aches 
• Chills
• Fatigue
• Headache
• Congestion or runny nose
• Diarrhea
• Nausea or vomiting 
Note: Any child with any one of these symptoms should consider not attending school regardless of meeting exclusion criteria. If these symptoms are explainable by an underlying condition (such as shortness of breath or cough for an individual with asthma) exclusion may not be necessary. 

Safety Precautions

  • Masks will be required of staff and students
  •  High touch areas (doorknobs, handles, etc.) will be sanitized daily
  • Restrooms will be cleaned throughout the day.
  • Students and staff will maintain proper social distancing
  • Desks will be adequately spaced
  • No visitors will be permitted beyond the front office
  • Students will be taught and reminded of proper hand-washing. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building.
  • Sharing of items that are difficult to clean or disinfect will be discouraged.
  • Schools will provide physical guides, such as tape on floors or sidewalks and signs on walls, to ensure social distancing and create a safe traffic flow.
  • Signage about COVID-19 symptoms, preventing spreading germs, hand washing, etc. will be placed strategically throughout school and district buildings.
  • Drinking fountains will be used for filling water bottles ONLY. Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles.
  • Classrooms and high traffic areas will be stocked with cleaner, paper towels and hand sanitizer
  • Health offices will be managed to provide appropriate isolation of sick students or staff.


UPDATE August 3, 2020: The South Carolina Department of Education provided updated guidance for face coverings/masks. To read the complete document, click HERE.

  • K-12 students and staff will be required to properly wear masks at all times UNLESS they are socially distanced in an approved area or situation.
  • ALL students, regardless of age, must wear a mask to ride a school bus.
  • Special masks have been purchased for teachers serving hearing-impaired students.
  • Each self-contained special education class will determine their mask policy based on what is appropriate for that class.
  • Discipline for not wearing a mask will be handled at the school level, but could result in a child being removed from a classroom.

If you believe this is not in your child's best interest or if you believe your child will not be able to meet the mask requirements, you are strongly encouraged to consider the Virtual Academy. If you opt to send your child to the in-person/traditional school, you understand he/she will be required to wear a mask.

If someone tests positive for COVID-19

The DCSD will follow DHEC guidance if someone tests positive for COVID-19 in a school.  

• SC DHEC: Interim COVID-19 guidance for schools: Management of suspect and confirmed COVID-19 cases
School Guidance on Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19


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