School Services & Programs

Student Nutrition

Students will be provided free breakfast and lunch at school. The meals will be handled in several ways, depending on the size of the class, the size of the school, and the use of facilities. Food will be prepackaged or prepared on-site and plated for students. Meals will be served in the cafeteria, classroom, or other location that provides students a place to eat while maintaining appropriate social distancing. The meals themselves are delicious and healthy.

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Bus scheduling and routes present serious challenges as we adopt recommended safety guidelines for buses and schedule pickup and delivery of thousands of students. For this reason, we encourage parents can carpool to do so  for drop-off and pick-up at schools. We realize this is not a viable option for every parent.

Buses will sanitized daily. Students who chose to ride the bus to or from school will be required to wear a mask while on the bus. The buses will load from the back to the front and unload from the front to the back to reduce people moving in the aisles while seats are full.  Family members will sit together whenever possible. 

UPDATED 7-28-20: Per SC Department of Education guidelines, buses will transport students at 67% of capacity, approximately 2 students per seat. Also per the SC Department of Education, anyone who rides the bus - regardless of age - must properly wear a mask. 

Because of the capacity restraints, the district will run more routes and stagger the times of those routes. As a result,  pickup and dropoff times may be different than in the past. Due to the space limits, it is critical parents sign up for bus transportation during registration (available until July 29). Our buses will not have room on the buses to pick up unregistered students and may result in students having to wait at the bus stop for another bus with more space. 

We ask parents to please remind their children to exercise proper social distancing and wear masks while waiting on buses to arrive.