Laptop Issue Form

Security Measure

Laptop Computer
Equipment Issue / Loan
Darlington County School District agrees to issue equipment as defined below.
By signing this form, I understand that:
§ This computer is being issued for the sole purpose of instruction of DCSD students.
§ I am responsible for the physical safety/security of the equipment.
§ In the event of theft or loss, I am to report the situation to my Principal immediately.
§ My personal insurance will be responsible in the event damage / loss occurs outside of school property.
§ I am responsible for the content of information stored on this computer.
§ Information stored on this computer is the property of the Darlington County School District.
§ The school district is not responsible for any loss of information
§ I am not to maintain any personal identification information (such as social security numbers) for myself or my students on this computer.
§ Only authorized software is to be installed on this computer. Authorized software includes any downloads / installations specifically identified / approved by DCSD technical staff.

Hardware Manufacturer (select from the list): 

Model Number: 

Serial Number:   

Equipment identified above is being issued by the Darlington County School District. I agree to the terms specified.

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