Website Manager's Test Survey

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Test Form Two
This is a test form. The easiest way to create a nice looking form is to create it first in Word and then copy and paste it into your form template. SharpSchool also recommends that you create your form within a table. This will allow you to line up everything the way that it needs to line up.
I recommend that you follow these steps
·        Sketch out the form first on scrap paper
·        Create it in Word
·        Copy and paste into the form template
·        Edit and add the form fields
·        Publish
·        Add the form page to your web site – separate page or link on an existing page
Fill out the form and submit.
1. Check a box
2. Select a radio button
3. Type your name.
4. Type your name and address.
5. Select an option from the drop down menu
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your input is greatly appreciate.